If you are planning to go on a trip to Nikko Japan, you must plan your trip accordingly. This is because Nikko Japan is very popular among tourists and travelers all over the world. So, it is vital that you book your Nikko Japan tour well in advance of your trip.

One of the major reasons for this is that, Nikko Japan is known for its great beauty and unspoilt natural beauty. However, in order to enjoy your Nikko Japan tour, you need to first visit some of the most beautiful towns of this beautiful country. These towns are mostly located at the east coast of Nikko Japan. The following list has been included in order to allow you an idea of the most important places to visit while you are on your Nikko Japan tour.

Nakano – Located at the eastern shore of Nikko Japan, Nakano is a nice town with easy access to Nagasaki city. Some of the most famous shops here are also found in Nakano, which is a shopping paradise. Also, there are many beautiful temples and other shrines here which are worth visiting while you are on your tour of the town.

Onoda – Located on the northern shore of the island, Onoda is also known as the center of production of Nikko Shunryu tea, one of the most popular types of tea in Japan. As the location of Onoda is very close to the famous Shimokita Brewery, Onoda is another town where you can find many tourists visiting the brewery.

Omiya – Omiya is a town situated at the western part of the island. Its location is very close to the all-important Taketomazawa station which is the main train station of the island. So, if you are planning to go to Taketomazawa, you need to be sure of your train schedules as well as destination before you book your Nikko Japan tour.

Hakone – One of the oldest cities of the country, Hakone is also the place where the aircraft carrier “Hakone” was sunk by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Nowadays, there are several hotels and resorts located here which you can stay in while you are on your Nikko Japan tour.

Nagasaki – Nagasaki is the capital of the country, which is situated on the south coast of the island. You can see Nagasaki from the coast while you are on your Nikko Japan tour. In fact, Nagasaki is the largest city in Japan, so you must plan your tour in such a way that you can visit more than one city during your trip.